Sustainability as an environmental, economic and social topic has always been one of our core values and we take pride in turning wine by-products into a source of new materials. Nothing goes wasted and the production chain becomes sustainable, to help make our national economy stronger. We at Distillerie Bonollo Spa are not just what our company name may suggest: not only ethanol and distillates, but also natural tartaric acid, fertilizers and renewables, where everything is maximized and valorized. For instance our plant in Anagni is self-sufficient for its power needs, and gets 100% green thermal energy from the subsidiary Bonollo Energia. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact to zero, and show the utmost care for the community we live in. An ethic vision, which implies remarkable investments in terms of water and smoke treatment plants. We have been striving each day for decades to reach the highest efficiency standards in viticulture.


We at Distillerie Bonollo S.p.A. process:

Marc: the residue of grape crushing. We are one of the biggest marc processing industries in the country.

Wine lees: the residue of vinification, a noble ingredient rich in aromas and tartrates.

Wine: the star product in viticulture, used to produce wine distillate, which will then become brandy.

Grape must: a highly valuable product, source of the renowned grape distillate.

All these are natural and plant raw materials that we largely distill, thus playing a major role in one of the crucial production chains of our economy.