The timeless tradition of distilling is deeply rooted in the Bonollo family. Extraordinary skills in over 110 years of activity and an unrivaled equipment of all kinds of alembics make of Bonollo the leading distillery that we have become today.


Our signature spirit is grappa, the exclusive Italian distillate. Making grappa is a complex and delicate process, and Distillerie Bonollo Spa manages the whole production chain, from the procurement of pomaces to the alembic. The result is a highly selected spirit, distilled from the best Italian pomaces and in the shortest time possible. A complete range of distillation equipment (continuous columns, alembics, vacuum bain-marie, Charanteise) and high blending skills guarantee an unrivaled portfolio of tailormade qualities and ageings. A wide variety of grappas is constantly made available to the customers, while quality and compliance to the strict regulations are guaranteed by the company laboratories.


We at Bonollo Spa proudly work hard to distill the very best brandies in the path of tradition. Thousands of hectoliters of brandy age in our oak casks for years until the peak of maturity, far exceeding what is required by law. The long ageing in oak wood enhances the aromatic profile of the wine distillate, which develops a silky flavor rich in notes of vanilla, spices and jam. The blending process is mastered by our skilled personnel and, after passing the strictest customs’ controls, we obtain a truly excellent distillate with great texture and smooth finish.


Liqueurs have always been at the heart of our business and we at Distillerie Bonollo Spa are focused on enhancing the typicalities of the Italian territory. Amaretto, Amaro, Laurino, Nocino, Prugna, Sambuca and Sassolino have been part of our history since the early times of the renowned bottle miniatures, now collectible items.


These spirits have recently known a boom in consumption, and we at Distillerie Bonollo Spa skillfully distill Gin and Vodka from our own wine raw materials. We are proud of being able to understand the evolution of consumer tastes and to satisfy market requirements.


Distillerie Bonollo S.p.A. produces ethyl alcohol for food use. It is well know how wine alcohol is the best in the production of bitters and fortified wines.


There is a world apart that is less famous but nevertheless worth knowing: the fruit distillates. These elixirs come thanks to the proverbial ability of farmers to make the most of farm produce. The super ripe fruits or those damaged by adverse weather conditions used to be fermented and distilled to obtain spirits to drink as after-dinner liqueurs. The modern fruit distillates evolved from those of the beginnings and we at Distillerie Bonollo Spa are proud to distill the very best table grapes to produce a delicious fruit eau-de-vie, fragrant and rich in aromas.


The company’s bottling department is located in Torrita di Siena and serves anyone wanting their private label collection to come true. Customers may count on our century long know-how, maximum flexibility and top solutions to satisfy their needs.