Formigine Head Office

Historic headquarters of the family, in 1918 Luigi Bonollo starts distilling from here and leads the way to the expansion over all the Italian territory.

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Torrita Di Siena Plant

Located in the heart of Tuscany among the most renowned areas of wine production, like Brunello, Nobile from Montepulciano and Chianti Classico, this plant starts in 1976 from the renovation of a pre-existing ancient distillery.

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Anagni - Osteria Della Fontana Plant

Since 1958 it is the first facility of the group in Lazio region and hosts the ageing warehouses of the most valuable spirits in oak casks.

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Anagni – Loc. Paduni Plant

Since 1980 a reference point for the distillation sector and an excellence of  Italian industry both for production and storage capacities.

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