The dream really continues, as announced by AssoDistil, Grappa Ig is ready to fly overseas again.

The promotion project is restarting which over the years has welcomed the curiosity of many experts and more. Let’s talk about Hello Grappa! Project born in 2017 with a three-year duration and which, over time, has attracted various funds from the European Union. After a forced stop in 2020, the participating distilleries are now ready to restart. It will begin with a series of telematic appointments, within which there will be meetings between companies, industry experts and expert bartenders. All this while waiting for an improvement in the epidemiological framework that will allow them to fly to the United States to take part in ‘face to face’ meetings.

A project that means restart.

Hello Grappa! it not only represents the second edition of a promotion project, but also embodies a sense of restart, of rebirth. An entire sector that does not give up in the face of a difficult moment. In a market that has had to readjust quickly in the face of the health emergency, the inability to move. A sector that has completely revolutionized the methods of communication and that, despite everything, has never given up. Now is the time to start again, the American dream still continues.

Here are the distilleries that will take part in the project: Castagner Distillery; Distillerie Bonollo spa; Bonollo Umberto spa Distillery; Distillery G. Bertagnolli srl; Deta Distillery; Fratelli Caffo Distillery; Mazzetti d’Altavilla Distillery; Marzadro Distillery; Bepi Tosolini Distillery; Franciacorta Distillery and Poli Distillery.